Blanket Insulation


blanket insulation 4Blanket Insulation gets its name from the fact it comes in rolls of blankets. It is a processed material made from fiberglass or mineral wool. We carry both types of materials and suggest the best one for your chosen location. This type of insulation is less expensive than rigid board, loose-fill or spray foam. It helps prevent heat loss during winter and keeps away heat during the warm weather of summer. You and your family feel more comfortable than before and also you save money on heating and cooling bills. It is high density too, so it provides a great sound barrier to help prevent unwanted noise from traveling between rooms. Also, fire resistance levels are excellent with this type of insulation; it helps delay the spread of fire between floors and rooms of your home. Invest in the safety of your family! It is imperative the right type is installed into your home or business space, whether it be an unfinished wall, floor or ceiling. We are happy to attend your chosen location and recommend the best type of insulation for you, given the physical location and other pertinent factors. Our expert installers then install it, at a pre-arranged time that is convenient for you, fitting the blanket material between joists, studs, and beams. For blanket insulation, however, it is critical that it be installed properly in order to achieve these benefits. For a proper blanket insulation install, trust in our expert team.

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