Spray Foam Attic Insulation


Spray foam 2Spray foam is an excellent choice of insulation for the attic of your home as it stops the movement of air. It is often used in attic floors. It is important to hire a specialist as we have special equipment to insulate the area, particularly if you want the strongest R-rating possible to maximize energy savings and shrink your energy bills. As well, using our expert team to apply spray foam attic insulation will help prevent temperature fluctuations within your home. Properly insulating the attic helps provides your home with effective resistance to heat flow. Your air heating and cooling systems no longer need to work so hard. Spray foam can be open or closed cell; there are pros and cons of each one, depending on details of your home and your priorities. Open cell is cheaper than closed cell, so if the price is your most important concern, then it’s the one for you. However, in the open cell variety the bubbles of the foam never fully close, so it has less insulating power than does the closed cell. For a denser insulation with a higher R-value (about R-7 per inch), it’s best to use closed cell. When we inspect your attic, we will recommend which spray foam option would be best for your home. With the proper insulation, when it is correctly installed by professionals, you can expect to save as much as 25% in energy. An energy-efficient home can be yours! For installation of cost-effective spray foam attic insulation, depend on our certified team. Call us at 678-210-7745 today to book a free estimate for your project.

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