Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much heat loss in winter goes through my attic? +

    Up to 68% of heat loss can be contributed to the attic. In the summertime as high as 83%.
  • How often should we add insulation to our homes? +

    The department of energy recommends every 7—10 years with mineral insulation such as Cellulose, Fiberglass etc. There are several reasons why: -The first reason is that the R-values will diminish when the insulation settles down, kind of like a sponge. You see the tiny holes in insulation are what traps
  • Are the Technologies you use "approved"? +

    All of the approaches and technologies we incorporate are proven, passive, IEEE recommended or meets ASTM codes, Department of Energy and Energy Star approved, UL listed and exceeds or meets the state builder’s code.
  • How hot is my attic? +

    On a 90 degree day, here in Georgia, Attic temperatures are 140 degrees to 160 degrees. What is recommended temperature on the same 90 degree day? You never want your attic to get above 120 degrees!
  • Why are more home owners doing energy upgrades in this economy rather than remodeling a kitchen or bathroom? +

    Great question, as the real estate values continue to drop more and more people are upgrading their current homes rather than buying another home. It’s common knowledge in the contractors media outlets that rate of investment on other projects such a new kitchen or bathrooms only are getting ROI , respectfully
  • What additional benefits can I expect from making energy upgrades? +

    •Savings anywhere from 8% – 50% (depending on what energy package suits you!) •More comfortable living spaces. •Increasing your shingle life up to 50% •Protecting the wood structure from extreme heat damages. •Reducing the greenhouse effects and your carbon footprint •Increased Resell values •Better mortgage refinancing. Some banks like Bank of
  • Do you do installation of your product lines? +

    Yes, we have installed thousands of homes throughout the southeast. We take pride in the fact we have been installing reflective insulation just about longer than anyone else in Georgia or the Carolinas. Our contractors take extra measures most do not, like we always clean up during and after the
  • My bonus room over the garage is always hot or cold? +

    Due to the fact 5 out of 6 walls, floors and ceiling are exposed to outside temperatures you need to have higher than the states builders code requirements. Example: insulated garage doors and fully insulated dormer closets. This is in the top five complaints from home owners in Georgia! It
  • How do I know how to measure my current R-value? +

    Every inch of batt insulation equals to R-3, unless its 20 plus years old. For an example, if you can see the floor joist (typically 2×6’s) that equals to R-18. For blown in cellulose it is R -. Be sure to pay attention to the floor duct work, pick up those
  • I just built or bought a new house, Does my house have the DOE recommended R-values? +

    It depends if you had them upgrade the insulation package. Builders only use the Builder’s code when insulating unless otherwise noted on contract. The Georgia builder’s code only calls for of r-19 in walls, R-30 in attics. Please check with your local codes. Hint: only the extreme North Georgia requires R-38!
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Source: U.S. DOE

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